Non-Dealers Order Tines

If you are a dealer, please use dealer login; all other customers may order tines and tine parts here. No account is needed. Please note, shipping for tines will be charged separately, once your order has been processed.

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Welcome to the online store for First Products dealers and retailers!

(1) Who Can Order

(a) Authorized First Products Dealers: Organizations/businesses that are already approved to represent our product line may order equipment and parts online. Dealers are required to create an account to order online; please see details in Create An Account. If you are not already an Authorized Dealer, full online store access will not be granted.

(b) Retail Customers: Customers may Order Tines and Tine Parts via our store; please see box to the top left to view products. Retail customers are not required to create an account.

(2) Shipping

Because each order is a custom size and requires specific shipping options, shipping will be billed separately, not at the time of checkout for Dealers and Retail Customers. Retail shipping will be charged to your credit card; dealer shipping is explained during account set up. If you have any questions, simply click Contact Us and send us an email.

Thank you for choosing First Products.